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Jaspers [WIP] Tumblr_mkciqvYCI01s8t92bo5_500


Who are you?

Name: Jaspers
Primary Setting: The Universe of Asgardia (Not where he's from)
Gender: Male
Age: 1028
Birthday: Day of the Seventh Gate on the ninety-first Sun. (May 26th, 987 BC)
Sexuality: Pansexual
Species: Gateway Demon

What do you look like?

Height: 6'
Weight: 145 lbs
Hair: Purple
Eyes: Purple
Others: The dark purple strands on the top of Jaspers's head look like tightly-packed strands of hair, but theyre actual feelers that can sense magical energy. He also has blue blood.
General Appearance: Jaspers [WIP] Cuteoc10
Jaspers [WIP] Garry-ib-31878905-810-810
Jaspers's blood is blue.

Jaspers is tall and extremely skinny, though don't let that fool you: His demonic nature gives him supernatural strength. He has pale skin and curly, light purple hair that covers one of his eyes. On top of his hair are seven dark purple feelers that resemble tightly-wound strands of hair. His eyes are light purple, and his pupils disappear when he travels. He's usually wearing brown jeans, an olive green tank top, and a dark blue coat with feathers on the collar and sleeves.

Face Claim: Garry (Ib)

What are you like?

Personality: Jaspers, being a Gateway Demon, is one of the more mellow species of Demons. He has a fascination of the human world to the point where simple things in it can bring him great joy. Despite this he's also extremely oblivious to things in the human world, and this leads him to a perpetually confused demeanor. Jaspers is extremely knowledgeable about things in the demon world as well as things surrounding demon mythology in the universe.
Likes: Jaspers has a weird love of mirrors, due to his birthplace, and he collects them. He also likes blue roses because they remind him of his blood color. He's also a huge fan of dumplings.
Dislikes: There's a species of demon that spreads pestulence and is shaped like a giant beetle. Jaspers hates them, and that extends to a hatred of most bugs. He also hates coconut because of the texture, though he likes the flavor.
Motivations: Having lived for 1028 years Jaspers finds it very hard to find motivation in anything aside from doing his basic duty to the demon world. However ever sense being summoned he's had a weird motivation to protect the boy who summoned him.
Fears: Considering that he has sense, Jaspers is terrified o the demon king. Most demons are.

What can you do?

Powers/Abilites: Jaspers has two power categories: Those every demon has, and those specific to Gateway Demons.

Super Strength: Like all demons, Jaspers has abnormally high strength. About twice that of a normal human.
Super Speed+Reflexes: Jaspers speed and senses are sharpened to the point where he is not only abnormally fast but has supernaturally sharp reflexes.
Teleportation: Jaspers can teleport between mirrors, but only if he knows the location of them beforehand.
Roses: Jaspers has a garden of blue roses that are all psychically connected to each other. If he gives someone one and keeps another he'll always be able to find them. Nobody except another Gateway Demon can use the roses's powers, but the roses will always be slightly drawn to each other, enough so that if someone who's not a Gateway Demon has one they will still know the general direction of the other rose.
Mirrors: Jaspers can summon supernatural mirrors and step into them, into a supernatural realm called Jaspers's Garden. He can teleport between these at will as well as break them up and control the shards. His signature attack is trapping an enemy in mirrors and them slicing them to ribbons with the shards of glass.

Weapons: None.
Notable Skills:

What's your story?

Infancy: (0-2)
Childhood: (3-12)
Adolescence: (13-17)
Adulthood: (18+)
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Jaspers [WIP]
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