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PostSubject: Rʜᴇʟ'ɪʀ Tᴀʏᴜᴜɴ   Rʜᴇʟ'ɪʀ Tᴀʏᴜᴜɴ I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 29, 2015 2:59 pm

[center]Rʜᴇʟ'ɪʀ Tᴀʏᴜᴜɴ Rdcsdsx

Rhel'ir Tayuun

Basic Statistics

Name: Rhel'ir Tayuun
Setting: ????? He moves around a lot
Age: 20
Nationality: Eorzean????
Socioeconomic Level as a child: Stable
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Not entirely stable
Hometown: Somewhere in the North Shroud
Current Residence: (??)
Occupation: Mercenary for hire

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 172 cm (5 feet 8 inches)
Weight: 65 kg (145 pounds)
Race: Miqo'te
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair Color: White (Dyed, naturally black)
Glasses or contact lenses?: N/A
Skin color: Pale
Shape of Face: Smooth, youthful features, but still very clearly belonging to an adult male
Distinguishing features: A scar donning his right eye, missing left eye, 'x' shaped scar on his left cheek
How does he/she dress?: Various types of fashion. He has a thing for casual but tidy looking clothing.
Mannerisms: Antisocial to a degree that makes him impossibly socially awkward, thus he has a lot of tendencies to fidget and look away when hes conversing. His ears and tail are constantly moving around, making him able to be read like a book.
Habits: Drinking, fighting, being a general nuisance
Health: Pretty good, all things considered, physically. He recovers from physical blows rather easily, but his mental state has been worn down. He certainly isn't insane by any means, but he's quieter than he used to be, internalizing most of his issues.
Hobbies: Sewing, cooking, mercenary work
Favorite Sayings: None
Speech patterns: Slurs a lot of his words for no discernible reason, swears a lot, has a tendency to be really loud. Usually he doesn't talk much unless someone approaches him first, though.
Disabilities: One-eyed
Style (Elegant, shabby etc.): Never a slob but never too formal, somewhere in the middle
Greatest flaw: He's able to be manipulated effortlessly, because his social capabilities aren't all there. Because of this, he's often taken advantage of, hence his being a sandy vagina and getting into fistfights.
Best quality: He's become rather annoyed since events on Eorzea, and, though by no means cold or goes out of his way for slaughter, he's finally capable of finishing a fight he starts. This has been advantageous with his universe hopping, as he's run into people who were willing to kill him - and he not only killed them, but claimed their teeth.

Intellectual/Mental/Personality Attributes and Attitudes

Relationship skills: Horrible. His twin sister never kept in touch with him, his entire family resents him, and his fiance manipulated him until the moment Rhel'ir was being punched into the dirt and the truth became known.
Educational Background: He went as far as learning basic math and learning to read, more than a lot of people where he's from.
Intelligence Level: He's not stupid, he's just not educated.
Any Mental Illnesses?: Depression, more than likely.
Learning Experiences: Self-taught in most things, but he's trained with a lance and his fists.
Character's short-term goals in life: To ensure his stability with where he is
Character's long-term goals in life: To kill as many Garlean scumbags as he can - and ultimately, to find some way to get back at Fabius.
How does Character see himself/herself?: He actually views himself pretty highly, despite everything. It's his constant self talk of 'I'm better' that drives him forward, and even tricks himself into believing it.
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others?: He doesn't care, so he doesn't think about it.
How self-confident is the character?: He's fairly self-confident.
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof?: Emotion.
What would most embarrass this character?: Being told to his face he's being manipulated or was fooled. He hates it. It ruined him.

Emotional Characteristics

Introvert or Extrovert?: Introvert more than Extrovert, but just slightly
How does the character deal with anger?: Fistfights and tears
With sadness?: Drinking, fistfights and tears
With conflict?: Leaving for a while to go clear his thoughts, unless fistfights are an option
With change?: He adapts
With loss?: It depends what he's lost. Expect more fistfights.
What does the character want out of life?: To be loved and love in return.
What would the character like to change in his/her life?: He wants to go home.
What motivates this character?: The drive to finish unfinished business.
What frightens this character?: The concept of losing the last person he loves by the time he gets back.
What makes this character happy?: Being treated kindly, helping others out -- you know, cutesy shit
Is the character judgmental of others?: He can be.
Is the character generous or stingy?: It depends on who he's dealing with. If a child was begging for coin, he would probably give them some over someone who didn't seem bad off. He's very generous with using his axe, though, and if someone were begging to have their lives saved, he might not think about it - for the right price.
Is the character generally polite or rude?: He speaks rudely and has no respect for people who think they have authority, but he's not a bad guy. He just doesn't like to be told what to do, and he won't be. It would take a lot to break that.

Ability Characteristics

Powers: He doesn't have any outstanding 'powers'. He can't weave aether in the palm of his hand. He can, however, bash some skulls.
Weapons: He has an incredible skill for lances from his past training, but has recently picked up an axe. Since then, he hasn't much changed.
He still has an old lance named Iwa-Toshi, but he much prefers his axe now.
Notable Skills or Talents: He's quick to think in battle, he's good with kids, and he's an expert in the slaying of monsters - specifically dragons
Pets or Familiars: A snow white chocobo companion named Eve and a small, fat cat named Pudge.
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