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PostSubject: Get Outta' Mah Swamp!   Get Outta' Mah Swamp! I_icon_minitimeSat Aug 29, 2015 6:52 am

Kane Lewis rose from his crouch and glanced over at his trusty brother, Zen. The two of them were waist deep in the most foul smelling, gut wrenching swamp water they had ever been near. The sludge oozed, bubbled, and popped, as well as made what we can only describe as growling noises. The stench of rancid meat rot mixed with death was over-powering even outside the atmosphere, and to get this close to the ground they had to wear special hazmat suits. Even the scantily-clad woman shaped car-freshener hanging in-front of Kanes' eyes couldn't fight back the stench. "Urk..." Kane gagged, "Believe... in the boobies, Zen."  The man said in a trance like manner, voice muffled by the hazmat helmet he wore. Yes, Kane had given Zen the very same cardboard air-freshener.

Zen was probably really done with Kane's antics by now, this was obviously another one of the Dandy chainsaw armed mans' get rich quick schemes. The promises of "Ol' Lady Bonekiller's" lost treasure was already a tad-too-much even for Elliots' standards. If it wasn't for that dinky looking turquoise and gold beetle brooch, they probably never would have came anywhere near this gas-planet. Especially with the giant space mosquitoes zipping about, they were about the size of a toddler! Those monstrosities were one of the two main reasons Delta and Elliot stayed back on The Malukah's Rack. The second reason, was because Delta would die in the swamp water quicker than you can say 'git gud'.

For the past week, they had been plodding through the swamp, fighting demonic insect vampires from hell and acquiring eternal stench searching for the one clue that might prove they weren't on a wild-goose chase. Kane wasn't really bothered by a good goose-chase, it was pretty standard in their occasional escapade in treasure hunting. Although, they never did find anything worth while. However, in this case, the goose in question was based on an obscure legend. The Legend of Ol' Lady Bonekiller.

You see, the planet they were on was the home of nearly four-thousand space-ship wrecks. The prize Zen and Kane were after was interstellar-based. A rare, and might I add, expensive ship that is the last of its kind. The credit cost is incalculable. If they were to find this ship, they would be able to spend the rest of their days in a certain galactic restaurant. Kane was practically drooling, as well as grinning at the thought. Cheeks flush with red, as well as a little bit of blood coming from his nostrils, although that might be from the stench.

Anyway, the turquoise and gold beetle brooch had apparently belonged to one of Ol' Lady Bonekillers' first victims. Alexia Voorsch. According to legend, Ol' Lady Bonekiller was one of the first Suman outlaws. She was a tough, ruthless woman. In the beginning stages of Suman galactic travel, she not only stalked the wilds of this very planet with her gang, robbing and murdering the wealthy and poor alike, but she also ran a sort of 'hotel', which was lost in one of the planets many natural disasters. Ol' Bonekiller would lure travelers into her little establishment and feed, entertain, and tuck them into bed before murdering them in the dead of night. She would drag the bodies into the basement, take anything of value, then stack them in a corner where they would either rot, or be chopped up and eaten by her and her gang. If she accumulated enough to warrant a hover-wagon full of corpses, she would make a trip into the swamps (The very same that Zen and Kane were trudging through) and dump their bodies in the wastes.

I should add, that the toxins inside of the sludge they are in now actually preserves bodies. Hopefully you're not afraid of centuries old corpses, Zen.
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Get Outta' Mah Swamp!
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