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 The Settings

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The Settings

This is a list of the main settings that we've either created or created characters for, in the case of a canon setting. Here you can find the names of all the settings, descriptions of them, as well as the names of characters who reside in them. Each setting is considered to be completely separate from the others, though remnants of the others might be present in some (for instance, as a tv show).

It IS possible for characters to travel in between settings, however that would require an explanation as to how they're doing that (an inter-dimensional portal, for instance).

Also note that characters' perceptions of the settings will differ based on the setting their from. Someone from a modern setting would have little trouble traveling to another modern setting, however someone from a medieval setting would have a vastly different experience if they traveled to a modern setting.

The Universe of Asgardia

(The "main" setting.)

The Universe of Asgardia is more like a God than a universe. It is a living, breathing thing that is constantly expanding and filling up the void that it was created in. As it fills the void it gradually creates species of aliens to inhabit itself to which it acts like a parent, nurturing and teaching them. When these species discover things or make great accomplishments it rewards them with adaptation. However this is a limit to this evolution. Species cannot progress past the point where they are able to traverse the Universe.


Humans, originally known as homo-habilis, are one of the species to have achieved space-flight. The majority of humans are homo-novus, or Superior Humans (known as Sumans). These sumans have different properties from the humans, including the ability to breed in space. If humans tried to their babies would be grossly deformed, but sumans are able to. Regular humans do still exist, but the ratio is about 1 human to every 100 sumans.

The Unity

The Unity was the first species to achieve space flight. They created a government which still stands today. Nobody knows much about The Unity, even though they run everything.

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The Settings
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